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CI-Cloud - is the SaaS Portal of ci solution GmbH ...
...under this name we provide our product range as a service.
In the CI Cloud Portal, you can enable additional services.
Our platform is built in Azure and is scalable to ensure continuous operation with future updates and changes to the system. During complete process your E-Mail never leave Azure platform.

CI-Cloud::Rules and Actions for Office 365
Easily add a signature / disclaimer to any internal and / or external e-mail. Personalized, self-evident with logo and user photo. Also, depending on specific groups, for example in the case of multilingualism or marketing activities, or also with examination of certain content.

CI Cloud Rules and Actions for Office 365 is a software with the signatures / disclaimers can be attached to emails. The foundation of the software is based on more than 10 years of experience with CI-Mail policy and has now been provided as a service in the cloud.

The CI-Cloud Portal provides a Web configuration that allows you to set and set actions for sending e-mails as well as signatures / disclaimer. Depending on your configuration, these will be added to all emails differently or group-based.
No further installation is required on your desktop systems for configuration and design.

Your registration for the service:
After successful registration, we will send you an e-mail for verification. After you have clicked on the verification code, you can register. (If necessary, check the junk folder if you did not receive the e-mail).
As long as you are not verified, you can re-send this e-mail at any time, in the login dialog of the cloud.

With it starts in the 14-day trial phase. The service terminates automatically after the trial phase, unless you have explicitly defined a billing type.
If you miss a billing method, please contact us. We are gradually providing further, also international (currency-related) billing possibilities.

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