This tutorial is a quick walkthrough that shows you how CI Signature works.


CI-Signature offers you multiple "types" of email signatures. These are:

  • Local, template based signatures, created on your iPhone.
    This is the default for private use.
  • Online hosted signatures from our service (free, login required).
  • Dynamic signatures in combination with CI-Sign in a Microsoft Exchange Server environment. Almost exclusively business use.

The main screen

This is the main screen of the app with a list of all your email signatures.

From here you can access all functions of the app:

  • Compose a new email with the selected signature (hit email icon)
  • Copy selected signature to clipboard
    (press clipboard icon)
  • Press “+” button to add a new local signature.
  • Edit a selected Signature (template)
  • Delete a local/private Signature
  • Open app settings (cloud icon)
CI Signature home screen

Technical Restrictions

This app (just like any email signature app) is unable to associate a signature with your email account. We really wish we could, but Apple's "sandbox" does not allow this feature.
This leads to some technical restrictions:

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