Version Release Date Beschreibung
5.0.87 18.04.2024 Optimized parallel processing. Extended logging.
5.0.86 08.03.2024 Added handler for Exchange Extended Protection
5.0.85 23.01.2024 Fixed broken log lines.
5.0.84 12.01.2024 Fixed internal domains filter. Optimization in process finalizer.
5.0.83 13.12.2023 Optimized parallel processing of emails. Extended logging.
5.0.82 31.10.2023 Fixed: HTM messages become TXT upon update in M365 mailbox.
5.0.81 25.10.2023 Fixed issue with missing <body> tag on incoming HTML messages
5.0.80 19.07.2023 Fixed issue with inline images of message updater for M365 mailboxes.
5.0.79 18.07.2023 Optimized saving of AD cache file with timestamp. Fixed InvalidCastException in AD cache.
5.0.78 13.07.2023 Fixed: AD cache file might be incomplete.
5.0.77 10.07.2023 Optimized loading of AD Cache file; changed cache file from binary to json; added support for variable UserPrincipalName
5.0.76 19.05.2023 Optimization message updater O365; Extended logging
5.0.75 28.03.2023 Removed EWS for O365 from message updater; Removed O365 user And password from settings; Extended logging
5.0.74 02.02.2023 Major update and optimization of AD cache logic
5.0.58 20.10.2021 Fix in FirstCharGivenName
5.0.57 30.09.2021 Fix if Specialvariable is in first row and empty, Save Userfilter note in Gui.
5.0.56 29.08.2021 $MemberOf=Group and $MemberOf<>Group is now possible with AddGroupatRuntime
5.0.55 16.08.2021 Add empty Line on SaveAttachment is Position is Top 19.07.2021 Internal Mail recheck on Replacement, Delete e-mail mask in userfilter
5.0.53 11.06.2021 Fix in Convert TXT-HTM
5.0.52 07.06.2021 Settings- / Disclaimer-Path fix for CI-Sign.xml 26.05.2021 Fix subject change with thread topic
5.0.50 18.05.2021 Tnef Subject and content at replacements updated
5.0.49 05.04.2021 Cache files and remove TA wait on finalize message
5.0.48 23.03.2021 Offline cache
5.0.47 15.03.2021 Change sender with umlauts
5.0.46 07.03.2021 Add Date/Time to Subject
5.0.45 03.03.2021 AD Cache and recipients parallel fix on first mail.
5.0.44 26.02.2021 Handle recipients parallel
5.0.43 24.02.2021 Fix ad Cache problem
5.0.42 02.12.2020 Handle Error on EventVwr blocked by Windows-Security or Antivir
5.0.41 23.11.2020 New ForwardLine DE Von:
5.0.40 19.11.2020 Reduce Log to Error on API Host
5.0.39 17.11.2020 net.pipe:// check, Ignore OOF-Messages in MessageUpdater, Optimized Specialvariables
5.0.38 28.10.2020 Variablen: Recipient_HeaderRecipients, Sender_HeaderMail - AD Cache Time / Preferred AD Controllers
5.0.37 09.09.2020 New dll - Exchange | SendMessageAction - Original Message converted | Pfad Editor Überprüfung.
5.0.36 12.08.2020 Missing Variable - firstchargivenName - done
5.0.35 25.06.2020 Active Directory Cache optimized.
5.0.34 14.06.2020 Active Directory Cache Logging extended
5.0.33 04.05.2020 Search inside contacts - fix
5.0.32 23.04.2020 Send mail multiple - fix
5.0.31 21.04.2020 Extended Autodiscover. Send mail multiple - extend Report.
5.0.30 26.03.2020 Multiple Templates possible on Add-Disclaimer
5.0.29 28.02.2020 Group Membership fix
5.0.28 25.01.2020 Save Attachmentbody Path, Inline attachments count
5.0.27 16.01.2020 OU with Umlauts and Sepcialchars fix
5.0.26 24.12.2019 Own AD-Attributes new initialized
5.0.25 16.12.2019 Report in Big Mailflow need many Memory.
5.0.24 03.12.2019 fix bareline field and sender action
5.0.23 22.11.2019 Backgroundworker in AD Cache not synced - uncritical, fixed.
5.0.22 19.11.2019 Functions for Macros Sample. @@subject==textbetween(one;value) to search @@subject==substring(1;4). @@macro==function(;;;;)
5.0.20 04.11.2019 AD Cache optimized, LineFeed Problem with O365 fixed
5.0.19 13.09.2019 Improvements on working with Active Directory Controller.
5.0.18 11.09.2019 Use AD Cache Option - Refresh every 30 Minutes
5.0.17 03.09.2019 Optimize GAL - AD - Cache Access
5.0.16 18.07.2019 Optimized action "Delete Attachments from Email": Now deletes attachments of multiple types.
5.0.15 17.07.2019 Optimized processing of emails with many recipients. Fixed error in AD Search.
5.0.14 11.07.2019 Optimized AD Search. New Handler for UTF-8 mails / mails without real html body.
5.0.13 08.07.2019 Add email body and extended log for disclaimer action
5.0.12 28.05.2019 Attachment (MSG, Contact, Appointment) sometime undeliverable
5.0.11 20.05.2019 Optimize Actions with Block option
5.0.10 24.04.2019 Extend Login, check new base
5.0.9 08.04.2019 Login and connect to server with different Accounts
5.0.8 29.03.2019 Optimzied AD-Query for memory usage
5.0.7 27.03.2019 Memory optimisation in AD controller class, optimised search for user in AD, fixed from-header search pattern.
5.0.6 20.03.2019 Memory optimisation
5.0.5 19.03.2019 Test intern
5.0.4 18.02.2019 Test Exchange 2016 CU12, Exchange 2013 CU22, UAC Message, Special vars optimized
5.0.3 11.02.2019 Fix on Variables with Space inside specialvariables
4.0.71 11.02.2019 Fix on Variables with Space inside specialvariables
5.0.2 31.01.2019 E-Mail Cache extend
5.0.1 13.11.2018 Groups in Replacements not found. Fixed
5.0.0 06.11.2018 Exchange 2019 Test, Added Condition size * recipients in Attachments, Search inside ZIP
4.0.70 14.11.2018 Fix on process disclaimer is a AD Forwarding is set to another Mailbox.
4.0.69 06.11.2018 SMTP Installation changed
4.0.68 05.11.2018 No Update at Meeting-Request. Outlook display wrong Coding. We decide to remove this feature.
4.0.67 31.10.2018 Fix on process disclaimer is a AD Forwarding is set to another Mailbox.
4.0.66 25.09.2018 added old logic of searching user in ad, logs for properties, log for setting pimary controller by TA
4.0.65 14.09.2018 ADController depends on Exchange selection
4.0.64 09.08.2018 Optimierte Suche nach AD-Controller innerhalb Subnetz
4.0.63 26.06.2018 Exchange 2016 CU10, Exchange 2013 CU21, Exchange 2010 CU22
4.0.62 17.06.2018 Net.Pipe Problem solved
4.0.61 27.05.2018 Signed mails process by autoresponder and other actions, Digital signed
4.0.60 27.04.2018 Variable maildatetime in MP changed format
4.0.59 18.04.2018 Optimization for GUI, Optimization for cache handling
4.0.58 05.04.2018 Fix in Replacements for Disclaimer
4.0.57 27.03.2018 Connect to Active Directory optimized (3 Times, 3 Secs)
4.0.56 26.03.2018 Extend - ADCache to Thread
4.0.55 21.03.2018 Setup check and Test for Exchange 2007 SP3 - We not release Ex2007 anymore. Is EOL since 04/2017
4.0.54 20.03.2018 Application Signed
Fixed: Autoresponder emails not processed
4.0.53 07.02.2018 Add additional information about environment in message report. Rearrage some info from General paragraph to Techical
Cast exception on fetching data from Cache
SaveAttachmentsAction - without "\" it not work...
4.0.52 30.01.2018 Extended logging for user search
4.0.51 26.01.2018 Changed handling of message recipient to resolve secondary email addresses. Optimized search for recipient/sender over transport agent. Fix for encoding cp850.
4.0.50 08.12.2017 Actice Directory Cache local programdata, extend log
4.0.49 07.12.2017 Actice Directory Cache moved to programdata, extend log
4.0.48 25.11.2017 Actice Directory Cache optimized inside GUI-Refresh
4.0.47 27.10.2017 Fix for "update sent items" for alle Exchange server versions
4.0.46 17.10.2017 Optimizations for GUI, memory usage, Optimized deletion of old log files, Dynamic header to skip messages between different Mail-Policy servers
4.0.45 16.08.2017 Optimization for message updater process. Fixed error in "cut range from message".
4.0.44 07.07.2017 Search above forward line" not processed correctly with iOS emails
Optimise log with settings X days and Y mb max size.
Mainform GUI - Up Down of a Action does not enable Apply button
Button for refresh AD cache
4.0.43 19.05.2017 Optimized handling for environments with multiple DCs
4.0.42 12.04.2017 Empty Text body and Attachment added in root.
4.0.41 06.04.2017 BCC Problem on change Sender. No delivery. Fixed.


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