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Founded in 1999, ci solution GmbH has continued to be a leading innovator in the software sphere, enhanced by a focus on simplicity and reliability. Meeting customer requirements in partnership with outstanding creative ability, the business is willing to constantly pursue betterment to maintain a truly unbeatable functionality of its software. With a passion for exceeding customer expectations, we spoke to Manfred Büttner about providing software solutions that are practical, reliable and are outstanding from the rest of the market.


”Software Solutions That Work”
ci solution GmbH specialise in developing incomparably functional software solutions in the areas of Microsoft, particularly in Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 and Exchange Server. Specializing in centrally managed corporate identity in email signatures, disclaimers and campaigns as well as out-of-office messages, ci Solution GmbH have a rising prominence to what already is a prestigious business throughout the market.
Providing for clients such as Panasonic, Samsung, KFC, and TeamViewer, the business is renowned as true experts in the field, with each developer involved in the processes of all products and specializes in the area. As Manfred makes clear, the market of all software and technology quickly moves, and therefore adaptations must be ready at a quick pace.

Best Email Signature Software Provider 2021

Through the utilisation of exceptional talent, the business is always equipped for this eventuality. “Microsoft is currently planning a central function change from email signatures to roaming signatures. We are prepared and, in addition to the standard options, have developed a centrally installable Exchange Add-In that will also make multiple signatures possible in the future, whatever the responses. The add-in is certified and also available from the app store. An installation is possible in a few moments for any company size.”
Ultimately, with a customer base of more than 10,000 companies and 2 million users in all industries and of all sizes worldwide, ci solution GmbH continues to experience outstanding growth due to the ensured quality that surrounds all services and software provided by the business, as well as an excellent price to performance ratio, which acts to ‘seal the deal’. To find a business with a stronger work ethic, drive to improve customer experience, and a comprehensive software that fulfils all possible wants and needs, would be an impossible task.
As a result, there can be no business more deserving of this award, and subsequently the recognition ci solution GmbH truly warrants.


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